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In ‘Living Wine’ Documentary, Natural Wine Transcends the Clichés… What the film offers in the end is not a formula for the good life, a cliché of California wine country, but a way of living well and reflectively… The idealism, selflessness and commitment of the growers and producers is inspiring.”
logo Wine Advocate
Whatever your opinion of natural wine, I suggest you give this film a watch. It encapsulates the spirit and philosophy of natural winemaking. I truly felt inspired by the community, joy, dedication and utter passion these winemakers and farmers have for crafting natural wine. It is intoxicating, pun intended. Now, please excuse me while I go try some natural wine.
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The film explores the artistry behind the creation of natural wine, which uses no chemical additives and is created through innovative sustainable farming by small producers. Innovative techniques used by the diverse group of farmers highlighted in the film fight to combat climate change by healing the land and creating more flavorful and healthy wine in the process.
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“Living Wine” takes us into the natural winemaking world while doubling as a climate change thriller. (The film) feature(s) people who love what they do. …Expect to be inspired.
logo Film Inquiry
Director Lori Miller has shared a story of passion, determination, and the tenacity involved with making wine in an environment that is becoming increasingly dire with each passing season. Between the beautiful shots of nature, there’s also a sense of urgency.
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Living Wine, is both an homage to the act of organic winemaking as well as an environmental documentary that highlights the risk our vineyards face today, including global warming, increasing wildfires, and unending drought. One thing that Miller wants to make clear is not all wine is created equal. Just because it grows in the ground doesn’t mean it’s organic. Calling on experience from winemakers Megan Bell of Margins Wine, Gideon Beinstock & Saron Rice of Clos Saron, Darek Trowbridge of Old World Winery and experts Elizabeth Candelario (Mad Agriculture) and Dr. Timothy LaSalle (Center for Regenerative Agriculture), Living Wine is an eye-opening journey into what it takes to go from vineyard to glass and everything in between.
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